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Innsbruck and Brennero

I feel a bit weird categorising this under “Italy”, and maybe I am indeed taking liberties, but you’ll see why in a bit…

It was my last full day in Austria and I wanted to make the best out of it. I chose Innsbruck because it was a city, so there’d hopefully be lots to do and see; but since it was in the beautiful Tyrol, I’d also get my last chance to enjoy the landscape! The return ticket set me back 50 € but I think it was worth it – the way I see it, I’m getting a lovely train journey as well as actually being in the destination.

Once again, I happened to be there on a bank holiday, so it was a bit quiet, but still nice. People had said to me that the dialect there was almost incomprehensible, even to other Austrians – and I did find this to be true!

Hat fail…

At the train station, I noticed there were trains to Brennero in Italy. It was only 7 € return and about half an hour away, so I thought I might as well go and see what was there – a spontaneous, cheap trip can’t hurt, right?

The journey was great – we were so high up! – but in the end the town itself turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. It was literally just a border crossing with a bit of a town around it. Not surprising, I suppose, since it turns out it’s been one of the main crossings through the Alps since Roman times. I’d hoped to be able to walk around the mountains, maybe, but there didn’t seem to be any access to them. Every single car passing through seemed to be full of Germans on their way to the Mediterranean.

In fact, the town reminded me of the TV show Twin Peaks, for some reason. It just had this strange vibe; not in a supernatural way, just a kind of unease, I suppose. Then there are these two pictures:

(Fake curtains in an outdated shopping centre)

So yeah, this is dubiously tagged “Italy”. I don’t think I heard a single person speaking Italian. Interesting experience though. Sort of.